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October 4 - 12 at least
written October 13 and later

Dear Friends and Families,

In the last diary, I was still a temporary bachelor and our house sale had just collapsed.  Not a good time. Now, we have moved on, emotionally if not geographically.  This diary is one of those that is mostly for our own benefit, done to make sure we notice, as our lives do move along.  I have found that the process of writing these entries makes me better appreciate the here and now.  Later, they will serve as great indexes to the there and then.

On October 4th, Marianne made it back to Germany, after five weeks in California.  I was delighted to drive up to the Frankfurt airport to pick her up.  I was so excited I forgot a diary picture.  Oh well, the arrival gate has not changed recently, so any memory will do.

A couple of days later we did have the brunch with friends, followed the next day by a medical exam which I successfully passed.  At least that's out of the way for five more years! 

After that, we  dropped in on Frank, our real estate broker, to assess what we should do now.  He had received a very low offer from the couple who had been talking with us for months and, to formulate our response,  we discussed the ability to translate the phrase "where the sun don't shine" into German.  That became his job.  Meanwhile, we resolved to simpley wait patiently until December, when we would take the house off the market. Maybe someone will show up, maybe not. After that, we would wait for March 2014 for reentering the real estate market, hoping for more success in 2014 than we experienced in 2013.  (We do have a showing on the 14th with someone being transferred form Hong Kong, but, like all other prospects, it's a long shot.)

From Frank's place, we walked over to visit with Scott and Melinda, friends who normally live in California, but who also have a flat in Nuremberg.  It is always nice getting back in touch with them. Getting-back-in-touch will be our guide to travel for the next several months.

Back home, we are re-establishing routines and preparing for winter.  We walk in the neighborhood.  Shadows are getting longer.  Trees are getting colorful.  The annual plants are dying and need to be removed.  I have split another batch of firewood for our small tile fireplace (Kachelofen).  The gauge for our propane tank is reading 25%, so we need to schedule a refill.  The 12-year-old Porsche and the eight-year-old Audi are both making unusual noises and will require periodic service.  Snow tires need to go on both cars before November travel.  All these are routines we have come to expect as Bavarian winter approaches.
Moles digging winter homes. Our home. Routine Saturday breakfast.
Nashi pear crop.  Color.  Sheep. Fields.
Need a couple of thousand euros worth of propane.
Coming up, we will work on getting-back-in-touch travel.  The first goal is a trip to Prague to pick up Ron, my former brother-in-law, and his friend Nancy. It will be nice to see how Ron has been doing.  It has been years since we have chatted and we have only heard (good) stories about Nancy.  After they leave, we will try to see friends up in Frankfurt and over on the western border of Germany.  We are not yet sure how this will work out, but we'll keep the diary informed.

In November, we have tentatively planned a visit to Bologna, Italy.  Marianne read a book about Bolognese cooking and it inspired her to want to visit.  Based on no more insight than that, we are booking a ten-day stay.  A food-inspired trip to Italy; what's not to like?

We are now set on  Christmas plans too.  We will leave here December 4th and spend two-and-a-half weeks in Maryland and Virginia, visiting friends and family. (In case you are there and we haven't told you yet, it is because our plans are just now getting set.)  From there, it will be a month or so in California, for more friends and family, and after that a week in Colorado, more of the same.

That takes us to February, 2014.  Well planned. 


John and Marianne


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