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Ron and Nancy's Visit

October 18-22
written October 21 and later

Dear Friends and Families,

We made it back from Prague uneventfully.  The relatively new autobahn makes for a simple three-hour drive.

Now we would start showing Ron and Nancy around our own little part of Germany.  Their river cruise had already covered all the standard tourist burgs and bergs in our area (Rothenburg, Wurtzburg, Nurenberg, Bamberg, etc.) so we would stick to simpler tourist fare.  Here are some of the picture souvenirs:

Beer Keller with Dale and Peter; Patio wine; Neighborhood; Seasonal veggies
Bamberg, just a little to enjoy the old town and scenery
Wachenroth on Sunday.  A great example of a village festival, with an emphasis on Frankish humor.  The specific jokes were beyond us, but the spirit was there.
Free candy; Porsche tractor; Funny (I think) floats.
When we got home, a Halloween pumpkin sat by our back door.  Who did that, we wondered.


John and Marianne

d131021_02_Seller_Buyer.jpgd131021_04_sold.jpgOn Monday (21st) I did not know what we had in store.  We ended up just working on planning and packing, as I had the feeling that our December 4th departure would creep up on us way too fast.  So far, we had accomplished the major milestone of contract signing at the notary on Friday, the 18th.  Afterwards, our buyer Kai came by for some last-minute details and Frank, our real estate agent, proudly put a Verkauft (Sold) sticker on the sign in front.  All this makes it quite official, but it also points to all the work of moving.  We'll keep you informed.


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