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Christmas in Monte Sereno With Grandkids

Plus Monterey With Family


December 25-27
written December 26 and later

Dear Friends and Families,

After our drive over from Fresno, Marianne, Mamo, and I descended on Gabby and her house remodel project.   We have a great deal of sympathy for house projects and this one is shaping up.  The dumpster is getting full, the new kitchen-family room is 90% done, and the normal chaos of remodels will be coming to an end in another month or so.  That's the hope anyway.
Our real goal was another Christmas celebration.  Ava and Sam showed us what they had already received and then opened up what we had contributed. Fun.
Gabby's cousin Carrie had invited the whole crew over to her Woodside cottage.  She prepared a wonderful Beef Wellington, with all the holiday trimmings.  We managed another birthday cake for Mamo too, as well as a toast to us new California residents.  I think this is the last of our holiday overeating.  Maybe.

d131226_02_Playing.jpgBoxing Day, December 26th, did NOT find us in shopping malls!  We all took the day off and just hung around home in wonderful California winter weather.  I know it discourages local skiers and folks dependent on water supplies, but these sunny December days sure seem nice to me.

The next day started with a hotel breakfast with Gabby and the kids, followed by a drive down to Monterey for three more family stops.  First, we brought flowers and greetings to the graves of Marianne's father and step-father.  A wonderful quiche lunch was provided by Klari, Marianne's step-mom, along with more family news.  The last coastal stop was at brother Chris's house, where we enjoyed more chatting.  After that, it was three hours driving in the dark home to Fresno.  Despite the last drive, it was a fun and complete family day.
So that's it for our California coastal Christmas.

John and Marianne


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