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Moving In at Last

January 16-18 or so (more or less)
written January 18 and after
Dear Friends and Families,

We are finally moving into our Taylor-Wheeler home. In old Fresno, identifying the home as Taylor-Wheeler is apparently a big deal and I'm sure home #155, from the T-W construction partnership, started 1935 as deluxe and state-of-the-art.  Now, it's still nice, a little worn here and there, but with  "bones" as good as the original architect Oliver Taylor envisioned.  All it needs is Marianne's interior decoration and John's maintenance.

d140115_10_cleaner.jpgd140115_14_Mamo.jpgBy Wednesday (15th) we had finished preparing for our furniture.  Our real estate agent Angie Hyatt had two cleaners spend an entire day sprucing up inside and we followed with an extra attempt to clean the tile on the dining room floor.  Mamo was our final inspector and she loved the place

Here are shots of the nice, clean, empty home.
Living room, office, dining room, kitchen
Breakfast nook and three bedrooms

On Thursday, our big, red Hyundai container showed up on schedule.  The driver cut the seal and opened the door.  Everything looked like we had seen it last, almost two-months ago.  The three moving company workers then took over, emptying the 40-foot container in four hours.  Far harder work than I would have EVER attempted.
The next six hours were spent unwrapping and unpacking.  Throughout it all, we were pleasantly surprised by the lack of any significant damage.  By 8:30 pm, we were exhausted, as were the guys from the moving company, but we could see the beginning of the end of at least this first phase.
Yard, living room, dining room - in process
We will keep our "fans" updated as best we can, especially after AT&T puts us back on the internet on Saturday, unless their TV and movie packages distract us too much.  Could be.  Then there will be a Sunday in the yard and a week (a month?, a year?) with everything else.

Update after a busy weekend.
d140117_02_MandMamo.jpgd140117_04_MamoInstr.jpgOn Friday, we started our unpacking, a task that will take many days I'm afraid.  One of the movers had asked if we had moved from a bigger house and I said I thought they were about the same floor space, but now we have our doubts.  Maybe same space, but less room somehow.  Even with all the boxes blocking the way, Mamo still wanted to visit.  Somehow I think her limited vision was an advantage.  To us it's overwhelming, to her not.

d140117_50_party.jpgFriday's highlight was an invitation from neighbors to "The Cambridge Commons", a neighbor's side yard that serves as an occasional meeting area.  We had already been given a bottle of wine, so we were prepared to join the group.  The friendliness of the neighbors is truly remarkable.  We worried about moving into an established neighborhood where people would already have their circle of friends and not be interested in new additions.  The Cambridge block seems not like that at all.  Thanks.

(Post-script:  Vern, one of our Cambridge Commons neighbors, has lived on this street since childhood, many decades ago.  He told the story of how his sister Marie had fallen for the young man of the family that lived in our house, the Peckenpah family.  Marie and young David Samuel got married, before he headed off to Hollywood to make his fame and fortune as a movie writer and director.  So, we now live in the Sam Peckenpah house.  Interesting.)

Saturday was more unpacking and, hopefully, installation of a whole AT&T package of phone, internet, and TV.  Unfortunately, that was not to be.  Mike, the first technician, showed up on time, but discovered that the house had no AT&T service, so he called call a guy from "maintenance" to bring the signal to our house. Technician no. 2 did that within an hour or so.  We expected Mike back anytime, as he had implied, but it didn't happen.  In fact AT&T has now said the next appointment for service installation is two weeks away!  What sort of third-world service is this!!

Sunday was a marathon of unpacking.  We needed to unpack as much as possible because the mover was coming back Monday morning to remove empty boxes and packing material.  We worked as hard as we possibly could and filled the garage with refuse.  At last we are starting to see what needs to be put away -- sometime.

At least this is enough to be able to say we are "moved", I think.

John and Marianne


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