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Car Weekend

April 12 & 13
written April 13
Dear Friends and Families,

The weekend was mostly normal things and this is just our normal record-of-life-in-Fresno.  On Friday I visited with neighbors while Marianne had her nails done.  The friendliness of neighbors remains, for me, the highlight of our new home.  Most houses on our street have front porches and they get used every week for one gathering or another.  It's almost from an earlier, simpler era.

When Marianne got back, she was so fancy that I offered to take her to dinner at "Pinot Wine Bar and Small Kitchen", our local Tower District stop for good wine and interesting food.  We probably need a few more regular joints to visit, but at least we have one.

d140412_02_ArtShed.jpgd140412_04_currentView.jpgSaturday started like most days, with house and yard work.  Marianne had finished her painting on the art studio, so it was time for me to re-hang the windows and shutters.  The task went as well as could be expected for 80-year old windows, but at least they can be opened and closed.  I also started the job of reinforcing the roof structure, a requirement before we allow anyone up there to put down new roofing.  Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel for this studio project, and the sink installation is planned in about ten days and, I think, we have settled on flooring material.  Really, it has been a whole house remodel.

After chores, Marianne went shopping and I went to the annual Tower District Auto Show.  Shiny, colorful cars are a fun topic for photography and I enjoyed my time wandering among the folks who clearly have spent so much time and money on their pet projects.  This Auto Show may not have the rigor and enormously expensive cars of the Pebble Beach Concurs, but pride of ownership was all the same. 
Way too many pictures, I know, but it was fun and I am showing only a fraction of what I have.

Classic California open wheel hot rods

Low-riders, a local favorite.

There were three Shelby Cobras, but number 97 was my favorite.  It had a dashboard signed by Carrol Shelby and an instruction manual by Bob Bondurant.

Another favorite, a fully customized 57 Chevy.

Other customs

A few cars were restorations, not customizations. 

This red Chevy reminded me of my dad's '61 Impala hardtop, one my first two cars to drive.  Mom's Renault was the other, at the far opposite end of the power spectrum.

Other vehicles were ... personal projects.

Fun and colorful details everywhere.

Note that in this show, it was 98% American machines.  From the good old days.
Sunday was a bit cooler than it had been for a few days.  For Fresno, that's a good development since everyone dreads the 100-degree days that will fill the summer.  We managed a few chores and lunch with Mamo.  A pleasant, quiet day.

Regards and send a note about YOUR weekend.

John and Marianne


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