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Back Home, Bocce Building and Other Activities

June 14-22
written June 18+
Dear Diary,

OK, it's another week or so, and I'm making notes for our own memories.  We are back from the activity of grandkids and back to house, yard, neighbors, and Fresno family.
Daily happenings:
d160616_10_newtree.jpgd160616_30_dinner.jpg Sunday, Fathers' Day, came and went, with long-distance best wishes, tree-planning in front, and a simple BBQ dinner with Marianne, Mamo, and me.  The cold I'd picked up in Los Gatos (from kids?) was getting worse, but on a seemingly predictable ten-day schedule. 

On Monday, the chores started.  First, we took the Audi back into the shop to fix the failing front-left suspension.  It would take another week for the problem to be found and, hopefully, fixed.

After that, it was house work, including the annual air-conditioning check, important as the ten-day forecast has highs in the high 90's every day.  Locals tell us it will get hot after that.

d160619_10_dinner.jpgThursday evening Gene and Nancy and Angie and Tom joined us for dinner.  We started by introducing them to caipirinhas and avocado bruschettas on the patio, and followed with lamb dinner inside, enjoying good food, conversation and air-conditioning.

Now it's Saturday.  Marianne had an art lesson while I tried to repair the yard damage done by our construction crew.  The roots of two of our trees had been  assaulted by all the digging, so I needed to re-cover with dirt and build flooding basins for the remaining root systems.
d160621_02_orange.jpg ---    --- d160621_04_tree.jpg
I'm not sure the yard work will ever get done, but I have discovered that, once in awhile, I enjoyed just pushing dirt around.  And we have plenty of dirt.
Construction  progress:
Bocce court frame ready for filling
Twenty-three tons of gravel get spread out.  Glad this isn't DIY!
Meanwhile, the garage foundation was prepared by Wednesday, including these ridiculous "strong wall" foundations.  When there is an earthquake, our house may fall, but the garage won't.
Thursday was devoted to building inspection, a task that took no more than 20 minutes.
On Friday, the big concrete truck arrived at 9am and the hard work began.  The next five hours ended with a smooth and slightly soft garage floor.
Now that phase is over and walls should start going up next week.
So, that's our diary record for another week.  I wonder what's next.

John and Marianne



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