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Ava's Birthday

March 7 mostly, 2015
Written March 7 and 8

Dear Diary, Friends, and Families,
Now that we have gotten our Mendocino vacation out of the way, it is back to the South Bay and the next big event: Ava's sixth birthday on Saturday, March 7th.  Birthday's are a big deal at this age.

d150306_08_sam.jpgThings started on Friday.  I stayed at home, watching Sam scoot around the pickle-ball court, while Gigi and Gabby picked Ava up from school.  Her kindergarten class celebrates birthdays with lots of fanfare, and fancy hats.  I think these were in honor of Dr. Seuss Week.
I think we continued celebrating the rest of the day!  We had lunch out at Willow Street, one of the kids' favorite pizza stops (and one of mine too).  Then Ava was treated to a manicure and pedicure by Auntie Jan.  (Pictures later I hope.)

The weekend parade of presents started after Friday dinner.  Gigi couldn't wait for Ava to open our present and the birthday girl finally agreed.  Overnight, the birthday fairy decorated the bedroom and a brand-new bike showed up as well.  Now that was really her birthday, I could only imagine what all follows.

Saturday would see two different Ava birthday parties, one for school friends and one for family.
Ready and happy.
School friends arrived even before the jumpy house made it, but that was OK enough because the Rahimi household is pretty fun, even with normal equipment.  But when the puffed-up castle did make it, everyone gave it a workout.
Next came cake, followed by some "quiet time" watching TV.
After guests left, it was time to open the haul of presents -- just from the first half of this birthday double-header.  Sam and I also took the opportunity to nap and rest up for the next inning.

By 4:00, family was arriving and the jumpy house was cranking up again.
Then there was another cake -- and more presents.
By now, we were a pretty tired crew.  After everyone left, the kids both crashed in Ava's bed, Gigi settled in to watch a movie, Gabby escaped for a Chinese massage, and Mamal and I retreated to our rooms.  I'm sure everyone had plenty to dream about!

Sunday morning and the house is starting slowly.  Gigi and I need to head home as soon as we can so we can get our own activities in order, after a wonderful 12-day break.  We will be back in a couple weeks, for a different experience.  Another story.

Best regards,

John and Marianne


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