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Fresno State Luau

April 11, 2015
Written April 12+

Dear Diary, Friends, and Families,
A nice part of our new life has been our neighbors -- at least the ones on our part of Cambridge Avenue.  (The Bull Dog gang members stay on the part of Cambridge on the other side of the cross street - but that's another story entirely.   It's an urban environment.)

One of the members of our neighborhood, from a couple of blocks away, is Jeane Fleck, the Fresno State women's swimming coach.  This is how our street gets invited to her team's Spring fund-raiser; a luau, complete with BBQ pork, exotic dancers, and raffles and auctions for the fund-raising part.  Here is this year's story in pictures.
Welcome from Coach Jeane

First order of business, organizing(?) our neighborhood's tables - and chatting

Then, eating.  Always popular with our group.

There was a multi-pronged approach to raising funds.  First, there was admission, but that was paid weeks ago, so we didn't care.  Then, there were raffle tickets to buy ($20, with no "victories" for us.)  Followed by a silent auction of a score of assorted gift baskets.  We actually "won" two, but neighbor Ellen was the winner with a car-full.

A local Polynesian club provided very authentic luau entertainment, including inviting Jeane's assistant Igor to match steps with  one of the dancers.

The highlights however, were the auctioning of home-made food.  First, Coach Jeane offered a steak and fish dinner for six.  Bidding was fast and furious. The winner signed on for $2,000!  Then, seeing disappointment on the face of the second-place bidder, the athletic director duplicated Coach's offer for another six-person feast at his house.  The auctioneer almost immediately awarded this to a very happy winner for another $1,000.  Coach Jeane was ecstatic.

The last act was the auctioning of desserts hand-crafted by the swimmers (or, we've heard rumors, by their moms.)  Here again, the bidding was extraordinary, as plates of cupcakes or a bowl of pudding went for a hundred or two.  Plenty of generous folks wanted the girls to reach their goal of funding a Christmas training trip in San Diego.  Nice people all around.
Next year, we may be off diets and able to help with the dessert auction!

d150412_50_mamo.jpg Now it is Sunday and, after a lunch with Mamo, we are packing for a trip to visit California missions, from Ventura to Soledad - but that's another story.

Stay tuned,

John and Marianne


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