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A Visit from the Little Family

June 12 - 14, 2015
Written June 12+

Dear Diary, Friends, and Families,
On Friday (12th) we anticipated Gabby, Ava, and Sam's arrival with the beginning of Fresno summer facing us in the forecast -- almost every day above 100F for the foreseeable future! 
The local power company had identified Friday as a "SmartDay", a day where our electric rates go up by a factor of ten between 2 and 7 in the afternoon and evening.  And if that isn't enough incentive to not turn on the power-hungry air conditioner, we agreed to a gadget they control that would turn off the AC on these SmartDays, if THEY choose.  This can complicate entertainment.

d150612_02_arrive.jpgThe little family arrived in the giant black "station wagon" about 4pm, right at the hottest part of the day. No matter, the kids were more than willing to get of out their car seats and start moving around.  We unloaded the trunk quickly, fewer toys than usual, put things away, and headed to dinner.  The SmartDay electric rates made sure we didn't cook at home.

By now, I'm not sure I can even remember what we ate at "Jack's", one of our standards, but air conditioning was the goal as much as food and I do remember it was cool.  Afterwards, we stopped by Ampersand, a new standard hang-out, for ice cream.  As usual, they were packed.  Sam and Ava enjoyed the treat, down to the last drop.
From ice cream, it was home to turn on the AC, wash off the ice cream drippings, put the kids to bed, and chat a bit.  A good weekend start.

Saturday turned out to be a Mamo day, from breakfast through hours and hours in her pool.  We also worked in some dry time for games and for Sam to open birthday presents.  This was his Fresno birthday, a couple weeks after his real celebration back home.  Cousin Zaiden came by for a quick dip with Gramma Katinka. 
A pool, at 100F, is a wonderful thing!

Throughout, I was taking pictures.  I do wonder sometimes if all these pictures, and this diary, really are worth the effort and, sometimes, the intrusion into the events.  Then I look at the little kids and realize how much different they are from day to day and month to month and I know we want a record.  So, we will continue to have a record - from breakfast to the last ice cream of the day.

 Sunday came too soon, but we managed to squeeze in a breakfast with Mamo on our patio, some water play with a new squirty toy, and then yet another swim over at Mamo's house.
Breakfast of "palachinta", Hungarian crepes, a favorite of the whole family.
I'm not sure water toys are legal in a drought, but I figure it's a multi-use project: fun, washing off breakfast stickies, and watering the lawn.  Has to be a good idea.
Pool fun too!
Then, back in the Black Beast for the three-hour ride home.
Sunday evening was very quiet back at the Trotter house.  Kid time had passed so quickly, but we appreciated every minute.  I'm not sure when our next grandparent time will be, but I suspect it will be sooner rather than later.

Now, we look forward to next weekend and a wedding, but that's another story.

John and Marianne


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