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From Flowers to A Luau

April 27-29, 2017
Written April 30+
Dear Diary, Friends, and Families,

So, what is this diary theme?  None, really, it just grew as the weekend days passed.  Mostly it was photography practice, in the back yard and close to home, plus a social event at the Fresno State University Aquatic Center.

Yard Photo Practice - Spring colors at their finest.
Roses remain my favorite subjects.

The Pineapple Guava tree is filled with its prickly blossoms.

Even our new tomato patch can offer pictures.

A simple back porch pot is also a picture source.

The Geranium plants are full this Spring.

 The Tulip Vine is producing flowers for the first time in three years.  That's what a rainy Spring will do.

Unnamed little flowers - An inch across.  Worth the trouble in looking closely.

The Star Jasmine are taking over our back porch.  Too bad pictures can not hint at the fragrance.

Tiny weeds - up close are nice too.

Even our Swiss and German decorations look brighter this year!

My next photo practice came next door at the Fresno City College "Asian Fest".  I really had no idea what was on offer.  Past FCC "fests", of various themes, have varied from just a handful of kiosks to much more.  The 2017 Asian Fest was part of the "much more".
d170429a_04_foodbooths.jpgAlways, there are food sellers.  There were offerings from throughout the Pacific Basin, from the Philippines, China, Thailand, Japan, Viet Nam and others I could not recognize.  This was a reminder that Fresno immigrants are more than just Mexican and Mong.  Since I knew I was facing a big evening meal, I limited my food purchase to a basket of bright, red strawberries.  A good choice, but next year I may plan differently.

The Fest included a half-dozen shows, but I had time for just one, the Polynesian dancers.   The audience was told  that the local community has used dance to keep traditions alive.  It's working, judging from all the ages with the traditional moves.

d170429b_02_sign.jpgFSU Swimming and Diving Luau

Every year, we get "invited" to the Fresno State Women's Swimming and Diving team's spring fund raiser.  Head coach Jeanne Fleck is a regular in our Cambridge neighborhood gatherings, so we support her by taking over three or four tables and enjoying ourselves.

It is also a chance for me to practice pictures, so here is a selection:
Once the leis were presented and Jeanne agreed with Blaine's suggestion of where we needed to sit, we moved on to chit chatting with our neighbors!

Fund raising stage one was a raffle.  $20 invested, nothing won.  The next stage was a silent auction and here we did "win" by out-bidding everyone for a basket of British goodies. ($70 - probably retail, but it goes to a great cause.)
Entertainment this year was a wonderful Hawaiian Hula team.   The leader was enthusiastic and her  young apprentice was darling.  The young conch player  did well in his first-ever public performance.  Congratulations in passing along the spirit to the young.
Three or four dance groups took their turns, each performing authentic Island moves.
The audience "volunteers" even did well -- well enough.  The audience enjoyed it all.
Of course, there was food.  Good food, and this being a women's sports events, a healthy collection of salad, fruit, rice, chicken, pulled pork and Hawaiian Rolls.  The last are not really healthy, but they were tasty.
d170429b_72_coach.jpgThe assistant coach ran the auction of athlete-prepared desserts. In this case, I think every table was a winner.

To close the evening, Jeanne was "forced" to drink her victory shot.  Congratulations for another successful fund raiser and party. We will be back for the tenth FSU Women's Swim and Dive Luau next year!!

And that's all for this diary.

Next event?  Visitors from Germany next weekend.  My trip to Colorado right after that.  Stay tuned.
John and Marianne


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