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Neighborhood Halloween

October 31, 2017
Written November 1+
Dear Diary and Friends and Family,

This is just a quick photo album, mostly.

Every year, the 900-1000 block of Cambridge Avenue gathers on "The Commons" on Halloween to offer treats to neighbors, both kids and adults.  Here is 2017.d171031_04_mandmamo.jpg

Marianne's mom joined us and enjoyed everything, including the Facetime call from great grandkids Ava and Sam, as they started their hunt down in the Bay Area.

d171031_26_happy.jpgd171031_22_moretalk.jpgThere were a couple of dozen neighbors enjoying the pot luck meal, the animated conversations, and visiting babies. This may have been the largest Cambridge event of the year!


d171031_30_ready.jpgd171031_31_trickers.jpgOf course, the main event was the parade of costumed kids, two from our street and dozens from who-knows-where.
d171031_44_goingfast.jpgThe kids kept coming, into the dark, managing to gobble up ALL the candy on offer.  I guess that is the sign of a successful Cambridge Avenue Halloween.

Now everyone can face the 2017 Holidays with plenty of sugar energy.

Next?  I do not know. 

John and Marianne


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