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Fresno - July Ending

July 22 & 31
Written July 23+
Dear Diary and Friends and Family,

I like taking pictures and I like writing (illustrated) diaries, even if we are not in a special place and have no remarkable tale to tell.  So, that's what this diary is all about.

Our backyard is suffering in Fresno summer.  By 9:00 or 10:00, the temperature creeps above 100F and the world starts to wilt.  Roses last mere hours in the morning and are dried and twisted in a day or two.  Still, when I take their pictures, glimpses of their original beauty remain.  I think so, anyway.
A Poster

These are three photography experiment shots.  It is the same flower, taken with different "f stops" or lens openings - f2.8, f7.1, and f14.  No particular post-processing.  Any preference?

Here is a wilted rose with different amounts of saturation adjustment, from "-100" (= back and white) to "+100" (maximum easily done by my Lightroom software.)  Your choice?

(7/23) Now I need to get back to chores!  Maybe more things later this week.

(7/31) Nope.  Nothing more.  It is just too darn hot and smoky to be outdoors. 

Soon, we will be off to Colorado where temperatures are a bit lower and the air a bit cleaner.  Besides, we will have a grandson to talk about it with.   Stay tuned.

John and Marianne


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