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Video Production, Halloween, ArtHop, ETC

 October 26-November 4
Written November 3+
Dear Friends, Family and Diary,

After we came back from Joshua Tree National Park, we entered a hodge podge period of activity at home.  Consequently, this diary is a bit hodge-y podge-y. 

I am starting with some decoration - probably the last roses of the year.  Not the perfect blossoms one sees in florist shops, but more interesting, at least for me.

d181026_20_ready.jpgThis next slot should be a nicely illustrated dinner party.  We had invited two newly-met couples over for dinner and Marianne really did prepare a special meal.  I thought so.  John, John, Cathy, and Nancy thought so. (Yes, the three men were all named "John".) Even Marianne thought so.  The food completely distracted me from my normal photographer duties.  Trust me, the food looked and tasted wonderful.


Event number 2 was also a meal.  Marianne's sister Katinka treated the family to breakfast out to celebrate Marianne's birthday.  Despite the Sunday crowds at The Breakfast House, service and food was good.  And conversation was pleasant.

Thanks, Babs.

d181030_02_filming.jpgWe had another session of video taping for the famous "Magdalena's Chapters" video series.  This was for footage that will be used in Chapters 5, 6, and 7. 
This whole process is time consuming.  A half-hour of final interview takes over an hour of "tape".  That hour takes several hours to arrange for, set up, and return equipment.  Then there are hours of searching for "B roll" pictures to add interest and context.  Finally, editing each "Chapter" takes at least three or four hours.
Eventually, the interviews are done and sent to CMAC for broadcast.  This week, I managed to see a re-run of Chapter 3 as it was sent out over the airwaves.  Maybe this isn't Hollywood or New York, but it has been an interesting process.

Chapters 1, 2, and 3 are up on YouTube already and Chapter 4 should hit the internet this weekend and debut on-air next Tuesday evening.   You MUST see them all!

Halloween was the big event of the week.  Gabby sent a picture of costumed Sam and Ava as they headed off to school.  I can imagine the school learning environment may have suffered from excited kids.
In our neighborhood, the tradition is for most of the block to assemble in "the commons" and offer Halloween treats.  First, this gives all the residents an excuse to chit chat and overeat and it is also pretty efficient for the trick-or-treat kids.
This was a good year for cute, little, well-costumed, kids.

And bigger kids who just could not pass up the opportunity for candy, laughs, and talk about neighborhood news.

Another successful Cambridge Avenue event.

d181101_10_arthop1.jpgd181101_12_arthop2.jpgd181101_02_visitstudio.jpgd181101_04_inside.jpgThe last regular Fresno event for this diary is   "ArtHop".  We try to get to these first-Thursday-of-the-month events as often as we can. They show that the art scene here in Fresno isn't so bad.  This month. I took Mamo down to a CMAC celebration of video-art, while Marianne and Claudia sampled more traditional art and art venues.

On Friday, Marianne and Claudia headed off to their school "renegade reunion"  in Santa Barbara.  They seemed as excited and goofy as regular school girls.

I didn't hear a whole lot from Marianne, but I thought that was a good sign.  She was probably having fun. 

After the trip, I collected some photos from her, and it was CLEAR, they had food, wine, fun, and memories.  Congratulations.

Mary Elizabeth (Miz)

d181119_02_yosesmoe.jpgNow we are all back to our normal lives, mostly. My planned photo trip up to Yosemite was canceled due to sickness and smoky air.  Marianne and Gabby's mother-daughter weekend, planned for the same time, was canceled due to other family illness.  Life happens.

But there will be Thanksgiving - next.

John and Marianne


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