Almost Twenty Years of Houses
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Dear Diary, Friends, and Families,
Started January 13, 2017

For almost twenty years, we have tried to keep a record of our life happenings, both to share with friends and family as we go along, and to allow Marianne and me to remember and reminisce.  This is the summary of apartments and houses where we have lived, two or three rented, three purchased, including two old places completely remodeled.  For better or worse, these places have defined much of our lives.

Knock on the doors to see inside.

1994?-1997 - Los Gatos Classic Expanded
This is just a place holder, until we can track down enough information to make a story.  It's a decent story, so I hope we can.
1997- 1998 - San Jose Condo
This too is just a place holder, for a briefer and less-distinguished life chapter.

1998 - Rentals in Kiev
d19980930_02_tdy_frontdoor.jpgWe arrived in Kiev in September of 1998, with little expectation of what we faced.  For housing, we started with a month in a "temporary duty" house arranged via the American Embassy and Marianne's school.

d19981031_00_entrance.jpg Within a month, we had found an agent to show us rentals and, for a very brief period, purchasable projects.  What on earth were we thinking?  We settled on a pleasant and convenient rental, with a wonderful view, and we stayed there for two winters.  (That's how time was measured in Kiev.)
2000 - 2002 Kiev Flat Remont
For reasons that are still not clear to me, we decided it would be a good idea to buy and remodel an apartment.  We knew of no other ex-pat who had tried that, so we were either brave or foolhardy or both. 
But, we did it and, with the help of an agent, a designer/architect, and a builder, we helped create our favorite urban retreat.  An amazing project that ended up in Architectural Digest (Ukrainian version).

2002 - 2005 Frankfurt Apartment
2e1___door.jpgAfter an exciting and unsettled year on European roads, we found ourselves looking for a rental in the German commercial center.  The plan was for at least a six-month assignment, so buying was not even considered - as far as I remember anyway!

We chose an apartment sandwiched between streetcar tracks and one of the main train stations in Frankfurt. In many ways, it fulfilled all our urban needs, including the ability to leave our cars parked for much of the week.
2005 - 2013 Pommersfelden Palace
01_070715_5812.jpgBe careful what you wish for.  Our six months in Frankfurt had extended to two or three years, but a move to Bavaria for my work forced a new decision on us.  And then Marianne saw her dream farm house with a tiny "zu verkaufen" sign in the window.

That started the eight-year drama of turning a 350-year-old ruin into a good-as-new jewel box.

2013 - 2019 (so far) California-Old in Fresno
2G_160421_door.jpgIn late 2013, it was time to return home to America. Family considerations told us Fresno would be the place and Marianne's job was to scout out houses while I finished the sale of our Bavarian jewel box.  The requirements were agreed to before she left: safe neighborhood; one-story; big kitchen; two-car garage; small yard.

Instead we ended up in the house on Cambridge Avenue in central Fresno.  So much for requirements, but it is a nice California-old home in a neighborhood with character - mostly good.

This REALLY is a place holder.  There are no current plans to move, in part because there is nowhere we want to be and can afford.  Stay tuned.

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