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We have taken hundreds or thousands of pictures since we first moved to Ukraine. Many of the best end up in our diaries but sometimes it's hard to go through which Diaries we consider to have the best pictures. So, here we have a simple list of Diaries with our favorite Pictures

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November 22, A treat of snow pictures. We got tired of snow soon enough but the pictures make it all look wonderful


February 1, Yet another Diary with Winter scenes.

March 27, A travelogue showing Kyiv and Chernigiv churches in Winter.

April 24, The first working trip to Chornobyl. Maybe the photography isn't especially wonderful but the view from the top of the Shelter was certainly unique.

May 16, Some nice scenes in Paris, but who can't take good pictures there?

August 24, St. Petersburg. Again, one of the most picturesque places we've ever toured. This pair of Diaries shows just the start.

August 26, Still in St. Petersburg.


January 6, Babi Yar and a nearby church. The Soviet monument to those killed at Babi Yar is a powerful presence that really does not photograph well but it is required view for Kyiv.

April 1, Istanbul. These three diaries include some of our favorite shots of the mysteries of Istanbul. The city is filled with exotic and colorful photo subjects.

April 2, still Istanbul.

April 4, Istanbul

April 21, Chornobyl. This time it was a "tourist" visit for both of us. The scenes of abandoned Prypiat are chilling at every viewing.

April 21, Opachichi. This village "inside the Zone" offered a look at the human consequences of the Chornobyl disaster 14 years earlier.

July 27, Tallinn Estonia. A most photographic capital.

November 19, Lviv Ukraine. This tour includes one of my favorite shots of the three years here - the children playing with a cat in an ancient doorway.


May 1, Istanbul. What can I say? I'm sure if we visited a dozen times each trip would have some "best" pictures.

May 1, Istanbul again.

May 13, Victory Day in Kyiv. A colorful celebration of the victory in The Great Patriotic War - the one we call World War II. If the scenes of red banners with hammers and sickles seem out of place today, we must remember that the scares of that time are far deeper here than in America.

July 7, Italian Lake Region. Another area where it would be a struggle to NOT end up with good pictures.

July 8, Still in the Lake Region. A photo-only diary because it was all so picturesque

And then there was the Road Trip. Same deal: our favorite picture sets.


Under Construction


Under Construction

For this last selection, I have tried to select some of my favorites from the last three years. This was MUCH harder than I had expected because, whether or not the pictures are great photographically, I remember a story for almost every one.

These pictures are a bit different technically from those found in Diaries. I have generally left them in the form that came off the camera - no cropping and no "downsizing" for ease of emailing. This should make them better for printing for example but showing them on a screen requires knowing how to shrink-to-fit. Unfortunately, I can give no hints about this since everyone's software may be different.


Budapest and other travels.

Mostly Istanbul.

Other Eastern Europe

Road Trip in Scandanavia

Under construction

Road Trip in Germany and France

Under construction

Road Trip in Iberia

Under construction

All pictures are copyrighted but, if you want to use one or more, drop us a line. There are a few uses for which we will charge a small amount . Most uses will be enthusiastically authorized.

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