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Christmas Party

December 5, 2004

(written much later!)


Dear Families and Friends,


Everyone, everywhere has company parties for Christmas, and Marianne's school was no different. Here are a few shots of the last Christmas party for Halvorsen-Tunner school.

This was indeed the "last party" because the Rhein-Main base closes next summer and everyone will have to move on to new chapters in their personal stories. For us, that will mean a move within Germany and a different school for Marianne.

But that's a different story.


John and Marianne

Marianne, with her head turned, greeting Sylvia and others.

Regina and husband Horst help us make sure this is a German party.

Bill and Sunny enjoyed themselves....honest.

There were precious few speeches and way too much food.
Our sing-along leader got a wide range of talented response to request (demand?) for singers.

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