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2004 Diaries

In 2004, we started out in Frankfurt - sorta. John has to travel to another office most workdays and we were even faced with a move, but now, with a new project to work on, it seems we will be able to settle down again in good old Frankfurt.

January 18, Staying in Touch April 24, Frankfurt Flea Market and Regular Weekend October 10, Obernai, France
January 25, A visit to Bonn May 11, After Work: Nurnberg Castle October 18, USA Home
February 1, Still Home in Frankfurt May 16, berlin Airlift October 20, German Class
February 15, Munich Weekend May 20, Frankfurt's Tropical Gardens October 27, Regular German Diary
February 22, Frankfurt Fasching Parade May 28, Friends Wedding October 31, Dresden
March 7, Brussels May 30, Edinburgh Nov 13, Ghent in Flanders
April 2, Frankfurt Friends June 12, Nephew Visit Nov 25, Paris Thanksgiving
April 3, Easter Eggs and Bluegrass July 26, Tours and Turmoil Dec 5, Marianne's Christmas Party
April 4, Spring Break August 1, Marianne Visits California Dec 19, Weinachts Markts
April 5, Driving in France August 1, John Visits Maryland Dec 21, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
April 6, Sarlat August 6 and 7, Geoff and Suzanne's Wedding Dec 25, Family Christmas
April 7, Beynac August 21, Garmisch  
April 8, Other Parts of the Dordogne August 29, Frankfurt  
April 12, Easter Monday in Frankfurt September 26, Netherlands