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Ava Arrives a Bit Early

March 8, 2009

Written April 5

Dear Family and Friends,

Marianne and I had tightly planned a visit to the States. First, we'd spend some time in Virginia, visiting Geoff, Suzanne and Ryan, then go up to a business conference in Rockville, Maryland to see old work friends. After that, we would have a weekend in Colorado with grandson Rich and his mom and dad. By then, it would be a few days before Gabby was due to deliver Ava, the newest grandchild. A great plan.

Ava didn't go along with it. When we arrived at Dulles International Airport from Germany, we learned that Gabby had gone into labor while we were flying. Suddenly, we needed to rearrange things. Marianne continued on to the Bay Area on the first available flight, while I was left behind to work the original plan.

Here's a few of the Ava pictures from Marianne's first days visiting.

After a full day of labor, Ava arrived at 7 pounds, 8 ounces (I think) via a Caesarian Section. Mom and baby healthy but tired. Ava, perhaps because she arrived a couple weeks early, was a bit jaundiced and hence the eerie green light.

Two Gammas

There was a crowd in the hospital to greet the new addition.


And then a deluxe carriage ride to the take-home limo.


Mamal's brother Ali.

Marianne's brother Chris and his family

Limo ride home.

First car seat ride.

Big carriage, little baby.

At home, there was a swing to enjoy, hills to look at and even a same-age friend.


A great start. Baby and mother (and grandmother) home safe and sound.

Now, on to the rest of the plan.


John and Marianne



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