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Fourth of July in Pommersfelden

July 4, 2009

Written July 25

(Last Henry trip diary to finish.)

Friends and Families ,

I like the Fourth of July, especially when we are living outside the good ol' U.S. of A. It's funny, I almost feel more patriotic in foreign countries than back home in America.

So, when Henry asked if Independence Day is celebrated here, we decided to make it so. We invited a few friends over for American-German barbeque, emphasizing familes with kids around Henry's age, so things were not COMPLETELY boring for our guest.

As usual, everything worked out perfectly. Almost. It did start to pour down rain just as the guests were to arrive, but by now we are completely ready for moving an outdoor party inside the "pavilion" (=barn/garage). It was a fun group, with more German spoken than English, but thanks to Tom Cruise everyone knows, more or less, what the Fourth of July means.

Here's our snapshots:

Food ready in the kitchen.
Rain coming down outside.
Traditional Independence Day bratwurst
Folks sitting at the long tables in the shadow (?) of Old Glory.



The guests that came the farthest were Klara and Gabor from Budapest. Klara has been working in Zagreb and they decided to pop up for the weekend. It was nice to have them for the party and as overnight guests.

So, one more garden party under our belts and I think I almost look forward to rain when we schedule these things now. The pavilion/beer-hall/barn works fine and fills nicely with folks.

What's the next occasion? Stay tuned.


John and Marianne


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