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August 7

Written August 12

Dear Friends and Family,


OK. We were heading home, but planned a few days to do it. We chose a route through the middle of Switzerland with a two-day stop in Lucerne (Luzern). The GPS navigator said we could make the trip in five-and-a-half hours but we took nine or ten.

First we headed up past Mt. Blanc to the stylish town of Chamonix. The drive was spectacular with mountains on every side. Fortunately we hit very little traffic as this road is notorious for blockage caused by slow tunnel traffic down to Italy. Not today.

Chamonix is, of course, picturesque and filled. There were tourists jamming every store and we joined the crowd at a shop that sold us some picnic goods. Despite the crowds, the shopkeeper was friendly and helpful.

We took our picnic on the road and stopped a few miles outside of town for a meal in the most spectacular setting. We were surrounded by rock hills, mountains, and glaciers. The decision to do a picnic for lunch was one of the best decisions on the whole trip.

After that, it was miles and miles of mountains and valleys and quaint villages. A long trip, but memorable. However, I think the next time we should take a week, not just one day. THAT's our better travel style.

Enjoy our pictures but, trust me, they don't show the real drama.


John and Marianne


A spectacular drive.
Chamonix, expensive and dramatic real estate.
Picnic fixings.
The view from our picnic table, surrounded.





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