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Bizarre Graffiti

February 4, 2015
Written February 8

Dear Diary, Friends, and Families,
d150204_00_img_5110.jpgThis week, Fresno offered an unusual art experience as 70 graffiti artists gathered in Calwa Park for the second annual Bizarre Art Festival.  We missed the festival, but followed up with a tour of the art work.  Calwa Park is in southwest Fresno, one of the dicier parts of our town, and the festival was started to give the area a positive challenge.  Artists came from the neighborhood, sure, but also from as far away as Los Angeles and San Jose.

d150204_01_img_5084.jpgMarianne and I were most impressed by the artistry, both in the skill and also in the imagination shown.  No two panels were the same or even similar.  The level of detail applied by the spray cans was remarkable. 

Here are a few of our favorites:
d150204_02_img_5082.jpgd150204_03_dsc00887.jpg d150204_04_img_5169.jpgd150204_05_dsc00929.jpg
d150204_06_img_5112.jpgd150204_07_dsc00923.jpg d150204_09_img_5143.jpgd150204_10_img_5144.jpg
d150204_22_img_5109.jpgd150204_23_dsc00919.jpg d150204_30_img_5130.jpgd150204_31_img_5171.jpg
d150204_26_img_5111.jpgd150204_27_dsc00920.jpg d150204_24_img_5136.jpgd150204_25_img_5161.jpg
d150204_35_img_5101.jpgd150204_36_dsc00914.jpg d150204_32_img_5130.jpgd150204_33_img_5162.jpg
d150204_40_img_5096.jpg d150204_50_img_5164.jpg
Marianne may use some of these elements in one of her new paintings, once she recovers from Friday's gallbladder removal.  Always something.  (She's doing fine, not running marathons yet, but moving around a bit at least.)

(Feb 10 update:Recovery from the operation has been going well, but her knee became very painful Sunday afternoon.  Monday's doctor visit revealed it was "just" tendon inflammation, but the current drug regime prevents normal anti-inflammatories.  Hopefully, ice and rest and pain killers will be sufficient.) There is indeed "always something"!
What will our next "art fix" be?  Who knows?

John and Marianne


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