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February 12-15, 2015
Written February 15+

Dear Diary, Friends, and Families,
Scarlet and Henry's wedding finally came and Marianne was glad to be recovered enough to attend her nephews festivities. The first event was the Thursday evening wedding rehearsal dinner. Even though we are not part of the wedding party, we did get invited to dinner.
There were speeches, poses, a distracted son, and, at the end, Henry's friends feeding him shots and kidnapping him for his last bachelor night.  We don't know what they did -- and don't want to know!

Gabby, Mamal, Ava and Sam drove over Friday night.  The next morning, we had wonderful weather for our first outdoor breakfast of the year and inauguration of the 2015 bocce season.

The Saturday evening wedding was very nice, with lots of scenes I should have taken pictures of.  Instead, I drew uncle-duty and quieted little Zaiden while his mom, dad, and all his grandparents played their roles in the ceremony. 
Chris, Lisa, their boys, and Klare joined us at the wedding.
One before shot, and three afters.

Sunday morning we had the whole crew over for breakfast, outdoors again. Fresno summers may be difficult, but "winters" are wonderful! 
After everyone left, the house seemed so quiet and empty that we decided to take Mamo on a ride along "The Blossom Trail".  We found a few fruit tree blossoms, but the peak season must be a few weeks yet. 
The Blossom Trail runs east and south of Fresno, through some of the oldest of the San Joaquin Valley's orchards.
Last year's mandarin crop provided us some color as well.
Farther up into the hills, the California Poppies were decorating the twisted rock layers.  This really is one of the nicest times of the year.

So, we thank Scarlet and Henry for an excuse for a family gathering (and Katinka for all the arranging!)  We will miss the noise and laughter. However, we do have a babysitting week coming up, and we will get another happy dose.

John and Marianne

PS: To all family and friends in real winter locations; Spring is just around the corner.  We have seen it, and it is good.


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