Life Goes On

June 8-???, 2023

Dear Family, Friends, and Diary,

This diary did not see the light of day, but writing sounds good to me right now.

(Tuesday, June 8, 7:15) Marianne just went in to be prepared for her fourth cancer-related surgery. Today's goal is to remove the "margins" around the site of the biopsy a couple month ago that had turned out positive for breast cancer metastasis into skin. This will be the smallest of the surgeries and our hope is that nothing will be discovered that requires a re-visit to the Kaiser Surgery Center.

(9:10) I left her to do my errands and get breakfast. For the first hour or so, we could exchange text messages, but radio silence has started. Presumably she is being poked and prodded and should head over to the operating theater (why do they can it that?) about 9:30 or 10:00. Meanwhile, I worry. That's my job.

(10:10) Status board says no movement since I last looked. Five other patents are in operating rooms, so it must be busy back there. Our patient did send a text message saying it has been a struggle finding a vein - ended up in her ankle.

(10:24) Going in. Surgery plan is an hour, I think.

(11:25) Still listed as in OR.

(11:38) Doc called to say they were just finished. "All went well." Whew.

(11:55) I am called back and Marianne looks GREAT. We get discharge instructions and I am sent to bring the car around.

(12:20) Pick up and done.

Stay tuned.