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Routine or more? Rocky Start,
but Plenty of Year Left

Jan 1-8, Start Jan 10-20, Mid-January Filler Jan 21-30, Finish Feb 2-11, Uneven February Start Feb 13-23, A Rocky Month February 29, Last Day March 1-8, COVID Rock in the Road March 9-14, Good-ish Week March 15-20, Home Before Travel March 20-23, Monterey Family March 25-27, Yosemite April 8, Fioli April 1-10, Family April 12-20, Lacrosse and Monterey Fam Again April, May, tbd



We hope to get out from under the rock(s?) we are living with.

Jan 1-15, A Weak Start to the New Year Jan 13-20, A Long Journey - Or Not Jan 21-31, Let's Try That Again Feb 1-18, Another Month, Another Cycle Feb 20-28, Approaching Normal (Knock on Wood) March, Starting Wartime March 29 - April 3, Another Opening, Another Show April 4-11, Another Week - Weakly Distracted April 13-18, Easter April 18-24, A Bit More April 25-27, Yosemite April 30, Swimmers' Luau May 1-11, Trip Preparations May 13-17, South West Road Trip - Sierra Madre May 18-20, Getty, Mostly May 21-25, Big City LA May 26-30, Aptera to San Diego June 2-15, Back Home in Fresno June 14-23, Marking Time June 24-27, Monterey July 1-7, Independence and Then What? July 13-17, Home to Kids and Back July 20-29, Art Things, and FUD July 29, Civics and Park Groundbreaking August 4, A Return to ArtHop Shows August 1-18, Home and Away (Sonora) August 21-31, Friends (Zaby) and Routine September 8-11, Little Kid Visit September 11-16, Return and Merced Visit September 19-30, Road Trip - To Idaho October 1-2, Twin Falls October 2-5, Boise and Beyond October 5-9, Moscow Art Scene October 10-15, West to the Olympics October 15-16, Astoria October 16-18, Drive Home October 19-31, Back Home November 5, A Pair of Gatherings November 10-13, How Ya Doin'? November 20, Pete's Memorial December 1-9, Start The Christmas Season December 15-16, Cars December 22-25, Christmas December 26-31, A Mixed Week



Well, 2020 did not work out so well, how about 2021?

Jan 1-15, Start a Better New Year Jan 16-31, Insurrection, Inoculation, Inauguration Feb 1-14, Getting Better Feb 15-21, Inoculated - Good Enough? Feb 12-27, Mendocino Feb 28-March 15, South Beach to South Bay March 16-31, Friends and Family Again April 1-11, More Family April 12-30, Transition May 2-5, Death Valley May 5-9, Zion May 9-11, Kanab, UT (Bryce) May 11-15, Boulder, UT (Capitol Reef, Escalante) May 15-19, Green River, UT (Arches, Canyonlands) May 19-25, Steamboat Springs, Colorado May 25-27, Estes Park and RMNP May 27-31, Graduation in Longmont, CO June 1-4, Buffalo, Wyoming June 4-7, Bozeman, Montana June 7-10, Hamilton, Montana June 11-13, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho June 13-16, Priest Lake, Idaho June 16-21, Idaho to Monte Sereno, CA June 25-July 1, A Short Trip to Truckee July 1-14, Quiet, But HOT July 17-26+, Monterey and Sequoia July 27-31, End July August 1-7, Another Month, Another Year August 7-12, In The Middle August 23, Manouscher Services August 13-19, Staying Busy August 20-31, More Steps September 1-12, Restart September 13-30, A New Journey October 1-12, Art, Friends, and the Elephant October 13-31, Home, Mostly October 22-29, Sculptures and Lights Oct 30 - Nov 9, Treats and Medical Tricks November 18, An Electric (Car) Year November 10-30, The Rest of November Nov 29 - Dec 20, The Weeks Before Christmas December 23-25, Christmas Dec 26 - Jan 2, An Early New Start


A new start. Get rid of the elephant and get on with travel. OR NOT.

Jan 2-7, ArtHop and Monterey January 8-20, Start Fresno 2020 January 22-25, Family Ceremonies January 27-31, Art and Photo Ops (Fighters) February 3-7, More Tunnel February 8-28, Normal Fresno March 3-9, Ava's Birthday and Other Events March 10-13, Northern California Trip March 14-20, Stay-At-Home Trip, First Week March 21-27, Week Two of the Rest of Our Lives March 28-April 4, What Now? April 5-12, Looking for Lessons in Magdalena's Chapters April 5-14, End of Month One April 15-21, Another Week, More or Less April 22-30, How to Continue? May 1-13, Mayday, Mayday, May Days May 14-31,Two Months Down June 1-15, More of the Same June 16-30, N More Weeks July 1-15, Ibid. (More of the same) July 16-31, Stay-at-Home, 2.0 August 1-15, Home, Still, Again, Forever August 16-31, Another Set September 1-13, September Something September 14-23, Truckee & Cambria Sept. 24 - Oct. 12, Losing the Will October 22, FCC Parking Ceremony October 13 - 27, Heart Restart Oct. 28 - Nov. 15, Fall Wave Nov. 16-30, Tesla to Holiday Dec. 1-18, Between Holidays Dec. 19-31, Strange Christmas Weeks


Still set in Fresno. Do not know what might happen this year.

Jan 1-6, Start the New Year Jan 16-20, Kids, Project Baseline, Nelcy Feb 6-8, Fresno Art Scene and a Snow Visit Feb 10-11, East Brother Light Station Feb 12-14, Ukiah, Boonville, Sonoma Feb 17-26, Fresno Local Feb 28-March 3, Tahoe With Kids March 7, Marianne at Art Hop March 12-17, Fresno to Albany March 21-24, Monterey April 3-9, Seattle April 13, Camera Caravan April 19 - May 5, Family, House, and ArtHop May 5 and 6, Sierra Conservancy and Cardella May 9-19, Babysitting in Monte Sereno June 1, LA County Museum of Art June 3, Sheriff Helicopter Ride June 7-9, Michaud's 50th Wedding Anniversary June 16-19, Gabby and Kids Visit Fresno June 20-21, Photo Class and Field Trip June 22-28, Local Activities and Macro Photos June 25-30, Mourning Doves July 4, Independence Day BBQ July 11, Marianne's ArtHop Showing July 12-18ish, Fresno Non-Events July 21-24, Silver City in the Sierras August 4, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art July 29-August 7, Chillin' and Sittin' in Albany July 21-24, Silver City in Mineral King Valley August 8, Clicking at Fresno History Museum August 14, Sequoia Moon, Stars, and Meteors August 18-21, Grandkids and Medical TestsSep 1-6, Fall's Start Sep 7 - 13, Sea Ranch and Gualala Sep 20, New Camera Testing Sep 21, Lemoore NAS and the Blue Angels Sep 21-30, End of Fresno Month Oct 4-5, Sierra Art Trails Oct 11-13, Sigma Tau Omega in Sonora Oct 15-20, Learn a Little, Sell a Little, and a Little Family Oct 24-26, Wawona Weekend Oct 31, Neighborhood Halloween Nov 1-7, First November Week Nov 4-13, Neighbor's Roof Project Nov 7-26, Mid-November, Life Is Complicated Nov 27-Dec 1, A Special Thanksgiving Dec 2-19, Two Paths in December Dec 20-28, It's Complex


FRESNO - Lunar eclipse; Sequoia, Yosemite; Channel Isl; UoP reunion; CO birthday; RMNP; Joshua Tree

Jan 1-5, Start Another Year Jan 11-21, Fresno to Monterey (and a little Los Gatos) Jan 31-Feb2, Another Eclipse (Lunar) Feb 12-18, Los Gatos and Home (Sick) 23-25, Blossom Trail and Sequoia Snow Mar 3-8, Uni and Ava Birthday Mar 16-18, Spencer Checkup and Monterey Mar 23-25, No Trips, Fresno Action Mar 28-Apr10, Mamo, Hawks, and Neighbors Apr 8-12 10, Shinzen and Yosemite Apr 14-27, Jazz and Little Things Apr 27-29, Hungarian and Swim Fests May 1-6, ArtHop to Cardella Wine May 10-14, Mothers Day Miscellaneous May 15-16, Kings Canyon Night Skies May 20-24, Mostly Sam's Birthday May 30, Memorial Day May 31, Photography Practice at Chaffee Zoo Jun 3-6, Ventura Adventure Jun 21-25, U of P Reunion Jun 25-30, Civics Lessons July 2-10, Marianne Coast Visit, Backyard BBQ, Video Training Jul 11-19, Sierras East and West Jul 21 and 31, A Flower to End July Aug 1-9, Birthday to Colorado and Back Aug 5-9, Rocky Mountain National Park Aug 9, Flying Home Aug 12-19, Family Notes Aug 24-28, More Family Sep 3, Labor Day Aug 28-Sep 3, Family Film and Baseball Sep 28-30, Quick Yosemite Oct 5-7, Sierra Art Trail Oct 14-19, Grandkids and Health Tests Oct 21-24, Joshua Tree National Park Oct 26-Nov 4, Halloween to Reunion Nov 27, Thanksgiving Dec 6-15, Early Christmas Dec 21-25, Christmas


FRESNO - Women's March; K. Canyon snow; Florida and Cuba; Stockmans visit; CO and RMNP; Yosemite guide; Solar Eclipse; Project Baseline; Sedona

Jan 1-5, Start New Year Jan 9, Los Banos - Art Jan 25, Kings Canyon Business, Elk, and Birds in Fresno and General Grant in Snow Jan 21, Women's Mar Jan 29, No Ban - No Wall March Jan 30 - Feb 1, Yosemite in Winter Feb 12-16, Death Valley Again Feb 25 - Mar 3, Fresno Events Feb 4-8, Fresno to trip Mar 8-12, Florida Mar 13-20, Havana Cuba Mar 24-Apr 8, Fresno Monte Sereno Home Activities Apr 15-22 Family, Easter Apr 27-29 Flowers, Asian Luau May 5-7, Stockman's Visit May 7-12, Brian's Birthday in Colorado May 9-11, Rocky Mountain National Park May 11-29, Fresno May 17-Jun 4, Friends and Family Tour Jun 6-8, Yosemite Guided Tour Jun 9-25, June (Heat) Jun 23-Jul 4, Fresno Holiday Jul 8-12, Escape to Monterey Jul 16-23, Fresno Fruit Trail and More Jul 25-Aug 7, Baseball Aug 7-10, Sacramento Anniversary Aug 13-19, Eclipse Preparation Aug 20-21, The Great American Eclipse Aug 21-26, Oregon after the Eclipse Sep 1-13, Start Baseline Sep 14-27, Family Visit, Art, Photos Sep 29-30, Sierra Art Trail Oct 3-7, Sierra Photography and Scotts Valley Zentangle Oct 14-15, A Regular Weekend Oct 19-21, Art and Other Benefits Oct 28, One Day University - Genius Oct 31, Neighborhood Halloween Nov 2-17, ArtHop, Vets Day, and Activism Nov 8-12, Mostly Monterey Nov 22-24, Thanksgiving in Monte Sereno Nov 29 - Dec 4, Sedona Arizona Dec 5-10, Jerome to Flagstaff Dec 20ish, 2017 Christmas Letter Dec 21-25, Christmas


FRESNO- Yosemite, K. Canyon, San Louis NWR; Ashland to Bend OR; Geoff and family; Cambria Weinachts

Jan 1-15, Start New Year Jan 16-25, Visit With Sam and Ava Jan 26-29, Yosemite Feb 5-8, Carson City Feb 10-12, Tom and Kate Feb 29, Kids Visit Fresno Mar 1-15, First Half March: At Home Mar 15-22,Cambria, Monterey,Los Gatos Mar 23-Apr 8, Normal Fresno Apr 13-15, Camera Test Zoo and Roses Apr 7-21, Art Apr 27-29, Art to Cats to Kings(Canyon) Apr 30 - May 5, Luau, Mamo,Yosemite May 22 - Jun 9, Graduation and Babysitting Jun 1-16, Grandkids in Fresno and Hospital(Sam) Jun 18-24, Ashland, Crater Lake, and Bend Jun 25 - Jul 4, Fresno Heat Jul 7 - 19, Mamo, Market, Huntington, Neighbors, and Rich & Family Jul 22-30, Fresno Miscellaneous, From Art Hop to Wine Tasting Jul 27 - Aug 7, Birthdays Aug 7-17, From Neighborhood to Cambria Aug 18-24, Sean, Ryan, Suzanne, Geoff Aug 27-31, Greek Fest to Wine Tasting Picnic With Mamo Sep 1-7, Art Hop and Hub, Neighbors, City Shoot Sep 8-15, Sickies in Monte Sereno Sep 17-21, Monterey and San Juan Bautista Sep 26 - 30, Home and Kings Canyon Sep 30 - Oct 2, Livermore Oct 6-22 -Marianne's Art and John's Pictures Oct 22-30 - Hungarian Fest, and a Cirque Oct 30 & 31 - Yosemite Stars Nov 3-5, San Louis NWR Nov 15, Moon Over Yosemite Nov 20-24, Thanksgivings Nov 30 & Dec 1, Cambria Dec 17, Pre-Christmas Activity Dec 23, Mamo's 97th Birthday and Christmas Dec 24, Christmas Letter Dec 25, Christmas


FRESNO - Death Valley; Mendocino; Yosemite, CA Missions; Heart repair; K. Canyon with Isabelle and Pedro; NW tour to OR, WN, ID, MT (Glacier NP); Chin & Peter visit; we visit MD and VA.

Jan 1-15, Start New Year Jan 16, Tanaya and Yosemite Jan 31, Death Valley Feb 4, Bizarre Graffiti Feb 15, Family Gatherings Feb 28, Babysitting Mar 6, Mendocino Mar 7, Ava's Birthday Mar 15, Hungarian Party Mar 22, Sierra Madre and Azusa Mar 25-29, Heart Repair Apr 1-10, Back Home, More Heart, More Family Apr 11, Fresno State Luau Apr 13-17, California Missions Apr 29-May 10, Babysitting May 16 & 17, Kings Canyon with Pedro and Isabelle May 19-31, Nancy's Visit and Other May Events Jun 1, Sonora Gold Country Jun 2-15, Art Hop, Friends, Graduation Party Jun 12-14, Grandkids Jun 20, Wedding and Sonoma Jun 10-24, Wedding Weekend Jul 27-30, Around Home Aug 6 and 8, Marianne's ArtHop Showing Aug 1-10, Sacramento Tennis and Other Home Events Aug 16, Kids Visit Aug 23, Ashland Aug 26, Florence Aug 29, Cannon Beach Sep 5, Portland Sep 8, Walla Walla, Coeur d'Alene, Kalispel Sep 11, Glacier NP Sep 15, Spokane, Grand Coulee Sep 20, Seattle Sep 28, Mount Hood and Bend Oct 4, Back in California Oct 23, Back Home in Fresno Oct 25, Marianne's 70th Birthday Oct 29, Chin and Peter Visit Oct 30, Lane and Alexis Wedding Nov 7-17, A Visit to Maryland and Virginia Nov 25, Back Home Nov 29, Thanksgiving Weekend Dec 15, First Half of December Dec 22-25, Christmas and More


Start FRESNO; Brian and family visit; new Jeep and Q3; local travels; Several ER trips.

Jan 1-9, New Year Jan 19, Move In Jan 26, First Week in House Feb. First Half Feb 19, Kids Mar 5, Fresno Mar 7, Ava Birthday Mar 9, John's Weekend Mar 17, Family Gathering Mar 21, Sequoia NP Mar 24, Mamo's New Power Pole Apr 4, Around Home Apr 7-10, Ava and Sam Visit Apr 13, Car Show Apr 20, Easter Week Apr 27, Another Week May 3, Painting Week May 17, Luau May 26, Babysitting Jun 6, Week at Home Jun 11, Ava and Others Jun 22, Bocce Construction Week Jun 30, Mamo Wine Tour(Paso Robles) Jul 15, Half a Month, Garden and Garage Jun 20, More July Garage and Garden Aug 8, Birthdays,Kids, and Grandkids Aug 15, Rich and Ava/Sam Aug 24, Gold mountain B&B Sep 1-7, Local Scenes Sep 1-21, Wine, Bocce, and Balloons Sep 22-24, Cool Coast(Paso Robles, Monterey, Los Gatos) October 12, Events:Harris Ranch, Bocce Party,and Jazz Oct 16-26, Guests,Reunion, and a Pacemaker Oct 31,Halloween Nov 8-24, Cars and Hospital Visits Nov 29-30, Thanksgiving and A Grandkid Visit Dec 10, Preparing for Christmas Dec 25, Christmas


POMFELD - all year retired; Germany travel; Rick & Kimberly visit; Drive France (Melissa), Spain, Portugal; Prague w Ron & Nancy; good-byes; buy new house.

Jan 4-7, Goslar Jan 20, Snow at Home Jan 23-27, Hamburg and Cirque du Soleil Feb 5, Arizona Visitors Feb 16, Plans and Records Feb 17, Rothenburg ob Der Tauber(again) Mar 4, Starting two trips Mar 6-7, Volklingen and Remagen Mar 8-13, Belgium Canals and Mines Mar 17, Around Home Mar 28, Bad Windsheim Apr 9, On the Road Again Apr 14, Beaune and the Dordogne Apr 18, Basque Country, San Sebastian, and Bilbao Apr 21, Picos de Europa Apr 24, Oviedo Apr 26, Santiago de Campostela Apr 29, Porto May 3, Portugal WineCountry May 10, France Again May 14, Home in Germany Jun 1 & 2, Settled Back in(And Tractors) Jun 7, Six Weeks at Home and Family (Rich) Jul 14, Wurzburg Jul 27, Ava and Sam Aug 22, Around Home Sep 6, Three New Museums (John) Sep 20, NewHouses (Marianne) Sep 20, Cambridge House Sep 20, Pommersfelden House Sep 30, New Plans Oct 12, Miscellaneous Around Home Oct 17, Prague with Ron and Nancy Oct 21, Ron and Nancy in Franconia Oct 31, Things for Sale Nov 16, Kellerhaus Going Away Party Nov 17, More Goodbyes Nov 20, Last Visit to Bamberg and Rothenburg Nov 30, Moving Week Dec 1, Empty House Dec 5-20, American Visit - VA and MD Dec 20-24, Fresno Birthday and Christmas Dec 27, Monte Sereno Christmas


POMFELD - J to VA.NC; Southern Austria; Hidas' visit; July retire; France one month; Italy to Lecce; US tour MD/VA/CO/WY/NV/CA/NM

Jan 31, A Summary Jan 31 (too), Marianne's Paintings Feb 26, Another Monthly Summary Mar 24, Trip to Lynchburg Mar 25, Rainy Weekend Weekend in Virginia Mar 31, Asheville NC Apr 1, Biltmore Mansion, NC Apr 9, Easter Weekend Apr 14, To Kaernten, Austria Apr 15, Into Slovenia Apr 16, Klagenfurt Apr 17, Morning Lake Photos Apr 17, Into Italy Apr 18, Quiet Day in Austria Apr 19, To Heilligblut Apr 20, Back around "Home" Apr 21, KlagenfurtShopping Apr 22, Morning Mountain Pictures Apr 23, Back in Slovenia Apr 24, Drive Home to Pommersfelden Apr 26, Offenbach Art Show May 11, Looking Back and Looking Forward May 18, Garden Weekend May 27, Last Weekend (Before Marianne's Return) Jun 4, Erfurt, Jena, and Wartburg Jun 10, Pommersfelden Dorffest Jun 23, Visit by Hidas Family Jul 1, Retirement Jul 3, Start Travel Jul 4, Beaune Jul 7, Lyon Jul 8, Perigord Jul 12, Cognac Jul 18, Bordeaux Jul 27, Brittany Jul 29, Vernon and Giverney Aug 8, Paris Aug 4, Epernay Aug 5, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse Aug 6, Home Again Aug 19, Really Retired Aug 31, Germany before Italy Sep 9, Kitzbuhl Sep 6, Sank Jakob Sep 7, Bressonne/Brixen Sep 8, Treviso Sep 10, Chioggia and Ravenna Sep 11, Urbino Sep 16, Ascoli Pisceno Sep 17-18, Rodi Garganico Sep 18-23, Masseria Selvaggi Sep 23-29, Lecce Sep 29-30, Pompeii Oct 1-2, Orvieto Oct 3-4, Driving Home Oct 14, Last Home Diary Oct 15, American Tour Overview Oct 16+, Maryland Oct 18+, Virginia Oct 25+, Colorado Oct 28+, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada Nov 19, California, Through 11/19 Dec 3, California, Through 12/3 Dec 12, Arizona and New Mexico Dec 15, Back Home Dec 18 -20 Nuremberg Dec 29-30, Year End


POMFELD - local travel (Dresen+); Gabby visit; pick cherries; Audi/MB/Porsche factories; French Bluegrass w Tom; Bonny visit; Poland work; Xmas in USA

Jan 9, A New Year Jan 24, Dresden Jan 24, Meissen Feb 5, Bamberg Night Feb 12, Weekend Chores Mar 10, Catching Up Mar 27, Gnomes and a Bunker Apr 17, Home in Spring Apr 22, Bautzen Apr 24, Goerlitz May 14, Garden Show May 24, Grandkids Jun 4, For Gabby Jun 4, Train Jun 11, Home with Weeds Jun 25, Photo Testing Jun 26, FRAPort Tour Jul 3, Independence Day BBQ Jul 4, Cherry Picking Jul 11, Trier Jul 31, Ingolstadt Aug 1, Audi Factory Aug 2, Mercedes Factory Aug 2, Porsche Museum Aug 3, Stuttgart Aug 5, Family Bluegrass Aug 6, La Roche, France Aug 7, Alps Aug 8, Lucerne Aug 9, Rhine Falls and Home Sep 11, An Oversease Blog Sep 14, Visitors Sep 24, Frankfurt Auto Show Oct 1, A Note to Marianne Oct 3, Bamberg (again) Oct 9, Schloss Weissenstein Oct 30, An Update Nov (plus), Why Visit? Dec 9, Christmas in Maryland Dec 13, Christmas in Colorado Dec 29, Christmas in California


POMFELD - local travel; work to Paris, New Brunswick and Helsinki; Xmas Market binge; Lisbon w Alice and Chuck

Jan 30, A Quick Trip to Cologne Feb, Diary of the Month Feb 28, Munich Mar 7, Pommersfelden Mar 12, Another Paris Business Trip Apr 5,Good Easter Guests Apr 18, A Two-Week Wrap-up Apr 24, Emptying the Cameras May 9, A country Weekend (Tauber Valley) May 16, Traditional Garden Show May 23, Bodensee (Lake Constance) Jun 28, June Catch-up Jul 4, An American Bar-B-Q Jul 10, Other July Things Jul 30, The Rest of July Aug 2, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada Aug 22, A Mosel Valley Weekend Aug 29, Helsinki for Work Sep 11, Driving Home from Frankfurt Oct 10, A Note to Marianne (in California) Oct 24, Grandkids in America Oct 31, American Haloween Nov 20, A November Diary & Blog Dec 3, Starting the Christmas Season Dec 6, More Christmas Markets Dec 10, Snow Chaos Dec 11, Sommerhausen Xmas Market Dec 19, Negins Arrive Dec 21, Part 1 of Lisbon Dec 22, Belem Dec 23, Lisbon Aquarium and Tiles Dec 24, Xmas Eve in Lisbon Dec 26, Home to Snow


POMFELD - M to CA, J to MD/NC; Tokyo business; Henry visit; Manchester training; Paris and home.

Jan 10, A Cold Start to the New Year Jan 24, Marianne in California Jan 25, John in Virginia Jan 25, Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum (again) Feb 14, Robin and Art Visit Feb 14, Michaelsberg in Bamberg Feb 15, Catching Up Mar 8, Ava is Born Mar 13, Opa Visits Ryan Mar 14, Opa Visits Rich Mar 17, Mountain Photo Tour Mar 21, Ava is Growing Mar 28, Friends Mar 29, Packing Out Our Storage Bin Apr 3, Home Garden Apr 5, A Slow drive to Offenbach Apr 10, A Slow Drive From Offenbach Apr 12, Pommersfelden Evening Apr 17, Pictures for Marianne Apr 19, Frankfurt Walk May 15, Tokyo Business Trip May 25, Around Home Jun 2, Bergkirchweih in Erlangen Jun 6, Paynes' Party Jun 7, Eltville Jun 14, Castel Jun 21, Henry in Bamberg Jun 20, Henry Arrives Jun 21, Henry in Bamberg Jun 25, To Mittenwald Jun 25, Dachau Jun 26, Mittenwald Jun 26, Ride in the Woods Jun 27, eON Dam and Local Art Jun 28, Austria Jun 29, Karwendel Cable Car Ride and BMW Factory Jul 3, Deutsche Bahn Museum (Nuremberg) Jul 4, American Bar B Que Jul 5, Hoechstadt to Africa Jul 7, Henry Leaving Jul 31, Bad Elster Jul 31, Schloss Schoenberg Aug 1, Franzenbad Aug 8, Erlangen Celebrations Aug 9, Erlangen Botanical Gardens Sep 1, Manchester, England Sep 5, York, England Sep 7, Chatsworth Manor Sep 8, The Peaks District Sep 11, Paris Again Oct 11, Strasbourg Oct 25, Quiet Birthday Dec 7, Keeping Track Dec 22, Christmas Trip to America


POMFELD - Barn work; France to Netherlands; Weddings, Mike/Becca, Gabby/Mamal; Helsinki; America stuff.

Jan 20, Barn, Art, Stuff Jan 26, Driving West Toward France Jan 27, Nancy Jan 29-Feb 3, Paris, Luxembourg, Tongeren Mar 16, Ebrach Abbey Mar 24, Reichenschwand Apr 12, Behringer Winery Apr 30, At Home Catch-up May 10, Mike and Becca's Wedding May 14, Geoff, Suzanne, Ryan May 18, Fresno Visit May 23, Maui May 23, Maui Flowers May 24, Wedding Rehersal Republic May 25, Gabby and Mamal's Wedding May 28, Still More Maui Jun 15, Parties and Fests Jun 27, Porzellanikon Jun 27, Karlsbad, Czech Republic Jul 6, Backyard Baloon Landing Jul 19, Ceramic Fest Jul 27, Werner's Bar-B-Que July, Music, Fields and Other Things Aug 1, John's Barn Birthday Party Aug 18, Bamburg, a Quick Visit Aug 23, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Again Aug 24, Bob's Going Away Aug 30, Helsinki Markets Aug 31, Suomenlinna Fortress Sep 5, Helsinki Harbor Sep 7, Helsinki Overall Sep 11, Car Drop Off Sep 26, Fall Art Fairs Oct 3, Wolframs-Eschenbach Oct 3, Harburg Castle Oct 3, Donauworth Oct 4, Gunzburg Oct 4, Ulm Oct 5, Nordlingen Oct 5, Femendingen Oct 5, Dinkelsbuhl Nov 27, Thanksgiving at Home Nov 28, Nuremburg Christmas Market Nov 29, Erlangen Christmas Markets Dec 5, Windsheim Historical Park Dec 6, Dinkelsbuhl Again Dec 7, Ansbach and Rothenburg Dec 11, Hamburg Trains and Scenes Dec 12, Hamburg Museums and Such Dec 13, Hamburg Boat and Bus Tour Dec 14, Hamburg Christmas Markets Dec 19, California Xmas Package Dec 22, Regensburg Dec 23, Landshut Dec 24, Wasserburg Dec 30, Christmas Market Summary


POMFELD - M retired; House done; J work VA and NC; Drive in Hungary; visit Ryan and Rich.

Jan, Walks in the Neighborhood Jan 20, House Details Jan 16, Paris Feb, More Neighborhood Walks Mar 27, House Activity Mar 28, Ryan Daniel Mar 30, Montpelier Apr 1, Monticello Apr 8, Family Easter Apr 14, Roanoke, Virgina Apr 15, Appomattox Apr 16, California Family Apr 22, Staunton, Virginia Apr 23, Waynesboro, Virginia Apr 30, Sully House (near Dulles Airport) May 12, Back Home May 19, Garden Party Jun 22 - Jul 4, Hungarian Adventure (Index) Jun 23, Herend Museum and Mini-Factory Jun 24, A New Friend with Connections Jun 24, Lake Balaton and Tihany Jun 25, Hungarian Wine Jun 26, Veszprem, A Nice Surprise Jun 28, Budapest Jun 28, Budapest with Rita and Peter Jun 29, Opusztaszer, National Historical Museum Jun 30, Family Gathering Jul 2, Martonvasar to Sapron Jul 4, Passau, Germany Aug 8, Catching Up Aug 11, North Carolina Wine Aug 12, Virginia History Sites Aug 13, Small Hotels in Lynchburg and Charlotte Sep 9, Blue Ridge and Blowing Rock Oct 20, Oktoberfest and Family Oct 27, Back Home in Pommersfelden Nov 3, Lowe's Motor Superspeedway Nov 3, Charlotte NC History Nov 10, Old Cars Nov 11 Blue Ridge Color Nov 17, Lynchburg History Nov 18, Natural Bridge, VA Nov 21, Engagement Party Nov 25, Back for Thanksgiving Dec 9, Ryan Trotter Dec 15, Our (Almost) Son-in-law,The Dentist Dec 16, Monterey CA Dec 21, Rich Trotter Dec 23, Birthday and Christmas Dec 31, New Year's Celebration and Resolutions


POMFELD - Belgium and VA; Lisa and boys visit; Klare & Jack too; Pete/Rita/Angie too; Gabby at Xmas.

Jan 18, Spa and Tongeren, Belgium Mar 12, Cold Pommersfelden Apr 17, Big Red One Apr 26, Monticello Apr, Miscellaneous Jun 19, Lisa and the Boys Jul 23, Fulda July, June & July Catch-up Aug 1, Bamberg Birthday Aug 15, Summer Pictures Aug 20, Neighbors Aug 28, Gardens Sep 10-30, Garden Shows Sep & Oct, Visitors (Klare, Jack, Nancy, Steve, Rita, Pete, Angie) Oct 6, Rosie's Birthday Oct 13, Monticello & Hazy Center Oct 21, Visit Gayle Oct 22, Marianne's Reunion Oct 19-23, Colorado Grandpa Oct 26, California Family & Friends Oct. 28 - Nov. 13, Mamo's Vacation Nov 12, Fall Color Nov 19, Crystal (Zwiesel) Nov 23, Thanksgiving Dec 2, Wernigerode Dec 9, Wurzberg Dec 23, Rotenburg odT Dec 26, Markets and Christmas Time Dec 28, Gabby Dec 29, Maisel Brothers' Brewery Museum Dec 30, Bayreuth


FRANKFURT to POMFELD - find dream house; Mamo visit; move Giessen/Pommersfelden; Geoff, Suzy, and castles; local travel.

Jan 18, Madison's Virginia House Jan 20, Pommersfelden Apr 1, Family Update Apr 2, Winter to Spring in Frankfurt Apr 2, Miltenberg Apr 11, Geoff and Suzanne Visit Castles Apr 13, Hirschhorn to Hornberg Apr 14, Heilbronn and Swabisch Hall Apr 15, Pommersfelden, Nurnberg, and Home May 5, Tour of Our Old House May 28, Garden Show Jul 10, Mamo Visit Jul 16, Mulhausen and the Franken Alps Aug 13, Marianne's Farm Aug 18, Moving Daze Sep 4, Giessen and Alsfeld Sep 18, Rauma, Finland Sep 19, our Really Big Construction Oct 9, Antique Games Oct 15, Bamberg Evening Oct 30, Pommersfelden Evening Nov 27, Thanksgiving in the North Nov 27, Prerow, A Cold Beach Town Nov 29, Wismer, a Hanseatic Thanksgiving Nov 30, Stralsund Dec 18, Christmas Markets Dec 24, Rotenberg Christmas Dec 26, Back in Pommersfelden Dec 29, Regensberg, Germany Dec 29, Passau, Germany Dec 31, Bamberg New Years


FRANKFURT - local travel N-S-E-W; German Bluegrass w Tom; FRance; Edinburgh wedding; Chirs/Lisa/Adam visit; Geoff & Suzanne wedding; family Xmas in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Jan 18, Staying in Touch Jan 25, A visit to Bonn Feb 1, Still Home in Frankfurt Feb 15, Munich Weekend Feb 22, Frankfurt Fasching Parade Mar 7, Brussels Apr 2, Frankfurt Friends Apr 3, Easter Eggs and Bluegrass Apr 4, Spring Break Apr 5, Driving in France Apr 6, Sarlat Apr 7, Beynac Apr 8, Other Parts of the Dordogne Apr 12, Easter Monday in Frankfurt Apr 24, Frankfurt Flea Market and Regular Weekend May 11, After Work: Nurnberg Castle May 16, Berlin Airlift May 20, Frankfurt's Tropical Gardens May 28, Robin's and Art's Wedding May 30, Edinburgh Jun 12, Nephew Visit Jul 26, Tours and Turmoil Aug 1, Marianne Visits California Aug 1, John Visits Maryland Aug 6 and 7, Geoff and Suzanne's Wedding (index) Aug 6, Rehearsal and Baseball Pictures Aug 7, Wedding Pictures Aug 7, Reception Pictures Aug 21, Garmisch Aug 29, Frankfurt Sep 26, Netherlands Oct 10, Obernai,France Oct 18, USA Home Oct 20, German Class Oct 27, Regular German Diary Oct 31, Dresden Nov 13, Ghent in Flanders Nov 25, Paris Thanksgiving Dec 5, Marianne's Christmas Party Dec 8, John's Job Dec 19, Weinachts Markts Dec 21, Garmisch-Partenkirchen Dec 25, Family Christmas


FRANKFURT - France and Germany travel. Mamo visit; Two months in Tuscany

Jan 10, New Year, New Challanges Jan 26, Pots, Pans and An Emperor Apr 6, Spring Break in Normandy and Brittany Apr 11, France's Battlefields Tour May 4, Colmar in Alsace May 10, Normal (School) Life May 26, Brugge, Belgium May 31, Saturday Home Tour Jun 7, Neuschwanstein Jun 8, Reutte, Austria Jun 9, Austrian Alps Drive Jun 30, Mother-In-Law Jul 1, On the Road Again Jul 3, In a Mountain Valley Jul 4, Rainy Independence day Jul 5, Schilthorn Jul 7, Saas Valley Jul 8, St. Bernard Pass Jul 9, Cervina in the Italian Alps Jul 10, Mountain Wildflowers Jul 11, Villa Emilia Jul 11, Filetto, Medieval Village Jul 11, Bagnone Jul 12, Parma, Cheese, Ham, and More Jul 13, Pontremoli, Great Home Base Jul 14, Cinque Terre, Trains and Tourists Jul 15, Barga and Lucca, Quick Look Jul 16, Pietrasante, Hard Art Jul 19, Florence, Tour Guide Jul 20, Florence, Art Impressions Jul 21, Florence, Views and Vistas Jul 23, Tuscan Farm Stay Jul 25, Sanctuary at La Verna Jul 26, Arrezzo and Other Towns and Villages Jul 27, Colle di Val D'Elsa Jul 30, Siena - Not Jul 31, Castello Val D'Elsa, Monteriggioni, Montalcino, Pienza, Mazola, and so forth Aug 3, Perugia Aug 10, Split Vacations Aug 12, Treviso and Villas Aug 14, The Dolomites - In Season Aug 16, Last Big Mountains Aug 17, Appenzell, Switzerland Aug 30, Back Home Sep 14, Frankfurt Auto Show Sep 28, Solingen and the Cutting Edge Nov 9, A Walk in the Odenwald Dec 5, Catching Up With Tours Dec 6, Catching Up With Life Dec 20, German Christmas Dec 29, US Christmas


ON-THE-ROAD to FRANKFURT - start '02 on road (10 countries, 32 diaries); mid-year move to FRA; Gabby graduate; Rich born.

Jan 5, Christmas and New Year Back in Maryland Jan 11, Back to Europe, New Plans Jan 13, Orange and Avignon, History Lessons Jan 14, A Drive Through the Pope's Vineyard Jan 15, Good-bye France, Hello Spain Jan 17, Cadaques Spain, and the Costa Brava Jan 18, Dali Museum in Figeueres Jan 22, Barcelona Architecture Jan 24, Barcelona Art Jan 26, Life in Barcelona Jan 27, Barcelona to Granada via Costa Blanca Jan 31, Tales from the Alhambra Feb 1, Granada City Tour Feb 6, White Hill Towns Feb 9, Cordoba, More Than The Mezquita Feb 13, Portugal Beach Life Feb 14, Day Trips from The Beach Feb 17, Evora,Bones and All Mar 7-10, Lisbon History and Life Mar 8, Belem, Colonial gateway Mar 10, Lisbon Oceanarium Mar 11, Fatima Mar 12, Coimbra, University Town Mar 14, Paradors, Castle and Other Mar 16, Salamanca, Another University Mar 18, Spain to France Mar 21, France to Austria Mar 24, End of the Road, Almost Mar 25, Graz, Austria, More Than Parking Mar 27, Vienna in a Day or Two Mar 29, Hungarian Family Tour, The Story Mar 31, Hungarian Family Tour, Fotos Apr 2, Slow Train Back Jun 5, Part-Time or Two Jun 18, Committed to Frankfurt Jun 30, Was It Worthwhile? Jul 21, Austria Tour Aug 23, Pack and Move (Duck and Cover) Sep 28, Day Trips Oct 26, Normal Life Oct 27, News Analysis Dec 4 Weinachts Markts Dec 13 Gabby's Graduation Dec 15 New Grandson Dec 30 Christmas


2001 was a dramatic year, for us, for the U.S., and for the world. In our case, we made it through another winter in Kyiv and then started a medical diagnostic process that had Marianne "med-evac'd" to the nearest decent facility - in Helsinki, Finland. When we eventually walked out of the clinic with a clean bill of health, we changed our lives drastically because we were reminded of our mortality and of the dreams we hadn't yet fulfilled.

We quit our jobs, bought a nice car, and planned to wander around Europe for as long as we could afford it. Just as we were leaving, the events of September 11 happened and through the shock we were reminded yet again that we are not in complete control of our lives. Nevertheless, we stuck to our plans and started our Road Trip precisly on October 1. It was wonderful.

May, 2001 We're Still Here May 1, Istanbul Again May 13, Victory Day May 10 Jun 3, Kyiv Days and Routine Jun 23, Trip to Brian's Wedding Jul 7, Trip to Italian Lake Region Jul 8, Lake Como Photo Tour Jul 22, Med Evac Aug 28, Visitors and the Train Chase Sep 1, Gabrielle's Sep 2, Independence Celebration Sep 3, A New Train Station Sep 12, Being American Sep 29, Going Aways Oct 1, Helsinki and The Car Oct 3, Uusikaupunki Car Factory Oct 4, Turku, Old Capitol Oct 4-5, Long Road to Rovaniemi Oct 6, Arctic Circle Oct 8, Road to the Norwegian Mountains Oct 9, John's Norwegian Roots Oct 11, Tromso Norway Oct 14, Hurtigruten Ferry South Oct 15, Picture Highlights from the Hurtigruten Oct 16, Fjord Spectacular Oct 17, Flam to Myrdal Train Oct 18, Flam to Olso Oct 20, Norway's Boats - Viking to RaII Oct 21, Oslo Tour Oct 24, Stockholm Oct 27, Vaxjo and Smaland Glass Nov 1, Vaxjo to Berlin Nov 3, Berlin - Tourist Impressions Nov 4, Berlin - Museums, Churches and Places Nov 6, On the Road Again, to the Bad Nov 8, Saltzburg Nov 9, Bad Reichenhall, Base Camp Nov 10, Wasserburg, Marianne's Roots Nov 12, Munich Nov 13, Pinakothek Art Quiz Nov 14, Romantic Road Nov 15, Two Romantic Cities Nov 17, Frankfurt Dec 2, Together Again in Aschaffenburg Dec 3, Heidelberg Dec 5, Strasbourg,France Dec 6, Obernai, France Dec 7, Obernai to a Roadstop Dec 8, Roadstop to Beaune Dec 9, Beaune, Capital of Burgundy Dec 12, Lyon, Base for a Beak Dec 15-29, Christmas in Maryland


In 2000 we combined some nice tours, especially a Spring Break to Istanbul, with a most unusual project: rebuilding our own flat in Kyiv. The flat turned out to be a dream come true as we could afford hand labor, at Ukrainian prices, to beautifully restore our turn-of-the-century place. (Thanks to Lena our designer, Mike our contractor and his whole crew.)

Jan 6, Babi Yar & St. Cecil's Jan 7, Gabby with New Flat Feb 12, Christmas - from 1999 Feb 19, House Progress Febrary 26, Message Home Mar 8, Quick House Tour Mar 10, Tom and Kate Mar 19, To Marianne for Home Apr 1, Istanbul, Part 1, Arrival Apr 2, Istanbul, Part 2, Tuoring & Eating Apr 4, Istanbul, Part 3, Spices & Rugs Apr 12, Bucharest, Romania Apr 21, Chornobyl Apr 21 continued, Opachichi Jun 14, Parties, Paris and London Jul 8, End of School Jul 27, Tallin, Estonia Sep 15, Summer & Visit Home Oct 15, Normal Life Toward Winter Nov 19, Lviv Again Dec 10, Pre-Christmas Dec 25, Christmas


1999 was a year to find ourselves. We survived, barely, our first Kyiv winter. John made his first trip to Chornobyl, the project that brought us here. Many of these diaries were sent to his Mom back in Ukiah California so she and her friends could keep track of our whereabouts. It was a wonderful use of modern communication but we lost this audience shortly after we retuned to Eastern Europe after Christmas vacation. That was truly one of the hardest parts of living thousands of miles from home.

Jan 16, Back at Work Jan 21, Busy Work Week Jan 24, Friday and Saturday Feb 1,Catching up Feb 1 too, Winter Feb 20, Gabby's in Town Feb 22, Chernihiv Feb 23, Winter Travel Mar 27, Travelogue Mar 27, People Pictures Apr 3, Antalya, Turkey Apr 24, First Trip to Chornobyl May 15, A Window Into Our Life May 16, Lyon and Paris May 23, Odessa and a Park May 30, Kyiv Days Jun 13, Graduation and Other Celebrations Jun 27, First Bachelor Diary Jul 11, Fourth of July and More Aug 24, St. Petersburg Aug 26, St. Petersburg Part 2 Sep 13, An Ordinary Start of School Oct 2, Can't Find a Theme Oct 17, It's Not Snowing Yet Dec 25, Christmas


In 1998 our favorite saying was "What have we done?" We started out the year as regular California folks; two jobs, two cars, nice home, big mortgage, full schedule, family nearby, etc. We ended the year 7,000 miles away in a small apartment in a frozen city where we could not understand the alphabet, much less the languages. Eventually, Kyiv became our home and we loved it, but not in 1998.

(By the way, we try to use the Ukrainian spelling for our city - Kyiv - although the "international" spelling follows the Russian version: Kiev. And it's "Ukraine", not "The Ukraine". And it's not a part of Russia. All these are sensitive matters after the fall of the Soviet Union and the creation of this large new country.)

Sep 6, The Flight Over Sep 7, Brief Introduction Sep 11, Buildings Sep 12, Transportation Sep 13, School Picnic Oct 2, Housing Search Oct 4, New Home Oct 17, Shopping Oct 19, Weekend Oct 31, Nothin' Special Nov 7, Ordinary Things Nov 9, People & Places Nov 14, Party & Snow Nov 17, House Show Nov 22, Real Snow Dec 6, Start Holidays Dec 25, Christmas