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Spring Miscellaneous


Written August 6

Dear Friends and Families,


Spring came and went and diaries just never happened. On this August weekend I vowed to put in a few pictures to remind ourselves we had a life.


(A life other than THE HOUSE, for which diaries continued through the end of May.)


John and Marianne


April 2: Just a Spring walk through our Pommersfelden home town: the church steeple against the blue sky, fresh blooms peeking out, and our neighbor's house, looking as grand as ever.



April 14: Marianne's mom had surgery, so a visit was in order. Magdalena looked great in this picture just after surgery. Marianne also had a chance to meet Gabby's new puppy.


April 17: While Marianne was in the States, I killed a Sunday afternoon at the Wurzburg Army Base looking at the museum for the First Armored Division, "The Big Red One". There were enough pictures to warrant a separate diary.


April 22: A week later, I had a business trip to the States. The business trip was, as usual, nothing special, but I did get to visit family back in Maryland. Brother-in-law Ron showed Mike, Becca and me his new apartment complex and, later, Geoff and Susanne came up for one last evening watching TV in the Kennedy house. It will seem strange not going back here on my visits.


April 23: Driving down to my meetings in Lynchburg, Virginia, I managed a quick stop at a local winery. I can't say the grape wines were up to Bordeaux or Napa Valley standards, but the berry wine was great and the setting very peaceful. It's a recommended stop, with or without wine. On the way back from my meetings, I managed a quick stop at Monticello, another separate diary.


April 22: While I was in Maryland, Marianne took the opportunity to go down to work on the house. Well, she worked on the house after being rear-ended on the A3 Autobahn. It would be six weeks before the car was repaired.




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