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Grandpa Visits Rich

March 14-16, 2009

Written April 12

Dear Diary,


After my week on the East Coast, working at a conference as well as checking up on Geoff and his family, I was able to have a few Colorado days with Brian and his family. Again, most of my pictures turned out of (not-quite-as-little) Rich. He's six now, going to kindergarten, and is another fun and happy grandson.

An after-breakfast hug.

We visited the Butterfly Pavilion but not everything was butterflies.


Watching bugs.

THIS is a butterfly.

THIS is not.

On Sunday afternoon we went down to Boulder. It was a crazy place since I think everyone in town came out to enjoy the wonderful Spring weather. I can see why people like living here!
Monday morning, we took Rich to Bounce Town. Apparently this is a regular routine and helps wear out Rich before kindergarten. This way, his energy won't interfere as much with his school attention. It seems to work but I got tired just taking pictures of all the activity!
Finally, it was off to school, with a back pack and the ever-present sun shield. Rich is definitely growing up.

Another nice visit. Maybe we'll convince the little family to take some time off and visit Germany. No bug museums (that I know of) but good train, Lego, and Playmoblie parks in the neighborhood (hint, hint.)


John and Marianne



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