John's and Marianne's Diaries

Updated July 19th

We have been sending diaries to friends and family for over two decades.

Here are links to our current life:

JUly 1-19, Back Home
July 1-7, A Hot JUly Start
June 14-23, Washington, DC
June 12-13, Lynchburg

For more history, click "DIARIES" in the blue bar above. It is just a long list, but you can tell we've been at this for a while.

"TRAVEL" in the blue menu links to country-by-country maps and lists of our travel to tourist destinations, such as churches, castles, squares, (Europe mostly) and national parks (America).

Marianne"MARIANNE ART" links to Marianne's art site.
A must-see.



Here are four other areas of our lives.


Move to Ukraine (1998)
"Big European Road Trip" (2001-2002)
Move to Frankfurt (2002)
Move to Bavaria (2005)
Retire (2012)
Back in America (2013)

Magdalena In late 2018, we filmed Marianne's mother as she told the story of her early life, from birth in a small Hungarian town, through growing up in Budapest, and escaping to Vienna, Bavaria, and Texas at the end of World War II.
We called the series "Magdalena's Chapters."
Magdalena passed away December 28, 2019, five days after her 100th birthday.

Houses In the two decades of this diary, we have lived in a half-dozen homes, from an "interesting" temporary apartment in Kyiv, to a jewel box in Bavaria, to our current old house in Fresno.

This is a link to all our Christmases since 1998.