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1999 Diaries

1999 was a year to find ourselves. We survived, barely, our first Kyiv winter. John made his first trip to Chornobyl, the project that brought us here. Many of these diaries were sent to his Mom back in Ukiah California so she and her friends could keep track of our whereabouts. It was a wonderful use of modern communication but we lost this audience shortly after we retuned to Eastern Europe after Christmas vacation. That was truly one of the hardest parts of living thousands of miles from home.


January 16, Back at Work

March 27, Travelogue

June 13, Graduation and Other Celebrations

January 21, Busy Workweek

March 27, People Pictures

June 27, First Bachelor Diary

January 24, Friday and Saturday

April 3, Antalya Turkey

July 11, Fourth of July and More

February 1, Catching up

April 24, First Trip to Chornobyl

August 24, St. Petersburg

February 1 too, Winter

May 15, A Window Into Our Life

August 26, St. Petersburg Part 2

February 20, Gabby's in Town

May 16, Lyon and Paris

September 13, An Ordinary Start of School

February 22, Chernihiv

May 23, Odessa and a Park

October 2, Can't Find a Theme

February 23, Winter Travel

May 30, Kyiv Days

October 17, It's Not Snowing Yet      

December 25, Christmas (2016 backfit)