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Our new life in a "new" country: Fresno, California, USA.  What will happen?

January 1-9, New Year
January 19, Move In
January 26, First Week in House
February. First Half
February 19, Kids
March 5, Fresno
March 7, Ava Birthday
March 9, John's Weekend
March 17, Family Gathering
March 21, Sequoia
March 24, Mamo's New Power Pole
April 4, Around Home
April 7-10, Ava and Sam Visit
April 13, Car Show
April 20, Easter Week
April 27, Another Week
May 3, Painting Week
May 17, Luau
May 26, Babysitting
June 6, Week at Home
June 11, Ava and Others
June 22, Bocce Construction Week
June 30, Mamo Wine Tour (Paso Robles) July 15, Half a Month, Garden and Garage
June 20, More July Garage and Garden
August 8, Birthdays, Kids, and Grandkids
August 15, Rich and Ava/Sam
August 24, Gold mountain B&B
Sept 1-7, Local Scenes
September 1-21, Wine, Bocce, and Baloons
September 22-24, Cool Coast (Paso Robles, Monterey, Los Gatos)
October, through the 12th, Events: Harris Ranch, Boccee Party, and Jazz
fOctober 16-26, Guests, Reunion, and a Pacemaker
October 31, Halloween
November 8-24, Cars and Hospital Visits
November 29-30, Thanksgiving and A Grandkid Visit
December 10, Preparing for Christmas
December 25, Christmas