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Marianne is still happily retired. The house had been done but the barn was just starting. May was a wedding month in Maryland and Maui and December was devoted to Christmas Markets.

January 20, Barn, Art, Stuff
May 25, Gabby and Mamal's Wedding August 30, Helsinki Markets November 27, Thanksgiving at Home
January 26, Driving West Toward France May 28, Still More Maui August 31, Suomenlinna Fortress November 28, Nuremburg Christmas Market
January 27, Nancy June 15, Parties and Fests September 5, Helsinki Harbor November 29, Erlangen Christmas Markets
January 29-Feb 3, Paris, Luxembourg, Tongeren June 27, Porzellanikon September 7, Helsinki Overall December 5, Windsheim Historical Park
March 24, Reichenschwand June 27, Karlsbad, Czech Republic September 11, Car Drop Off December 6, Dinkelsbühl Again
April 12, Behringer Winery July 6, Backyard Baloon Landing September 26, Fall Art Fairs December 7, Ansbach and Rothenburg
April 30, At Home Catch-up July 19, Ceramic Fest October 3, Wolframs-Eschenbach December 11-14, Hamburg
May 10, Mike and Becca's Wedding July 27, Werner's Bar-B-Que October 3, Harburg Castle December 19, California Xmas Package
May 14, Geoff, Suzanne, Ryan July, Music, Fields and Other Things October 3, Donauworth December 22, Regensburg
May 18, Fresno Visit August 1, John's Barn Birthday Party October 4, Gunzburg December 23, Landshut
May 23, Maui August 18, Bamburg, a Quick Visit October 4, Ulm December 24, Wasserburg
May 23, Maui Flowers August 23, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Again October 5, Nordlingen December 30, Christmas Market Summary
May 24, Wedding Rehersal August 24, Bob's Going Away October 5, Dinkelsbühl