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2002 Diaries

In 2002, we started out still on the road. It was tough to end -- and tougher still finding work where we wanted it -- Europe. Nevertheless, we ended up in our new home: Frankfurt Germany. So far, we love it.


On the Road

Not on the Road

Christmas and New Year Back in Maryland (Jan 5)

Evora, Bones and All (Feb 17)

June 18, Committed to Frankfurt

Back to Europe, New Plans (Jan 11)

Lisbon History and Life (March 7-10)

June 30, Was It Worthwhile?

Orange and Avignon, History Lessons (Jan 13)

Belem, Colonial gateway (March 8)

July 21, Austria Tour

A Drive Through the Pope's Vineyard (Jan 14)

Lisbon Oceanarium (March 10)

August 23, Pack and Move (Duck and Cover)

Good-bye France, Hello Spain (Jan 15)

Fatima (March 11)

September 28, Day Trips

Cadaques Spain, and the Costa Brava (Jan 17)

Coimbra, University Town (March 12)

October 26, Normal Life

Dali Museum in Figeueres (Jan 18)

Paradors, Castle and Other (March 14-17)

October 27, News Analysis

Barcelona Architecture (Jan 22)

Salamanca, Another University (March 16)

December 4 Weinachts Markts

Barcelona Art (Jan 24)

Spain to France (March 18)

December 13 Gabby's Graduation

Life in Barcelona (Jan 26)

France to Austria (March 21)

December 15 New Grandson

Barcelona to Granada via Costa Blanca (Jan 27)

End of the Road, Almost (March 24)

December 30 U.S. Christmas

Tales from the Alhambra (Jan 31)

Graz, Austria, More Than Parking (March 25)


Granada City Tour (Feb 1)

Vienna in a Day or Two (March 27)


White Hill Towns (Feb 6)

Hungarian Family Tour, The Story (March 29)


Cordoba, More Than The Mezquita (Feb 9)

Hungarian Family Tour, Fotos (March 31)


Portugal Beach Life (Feb 13)

Slow Train Back (April 2)


Day Trips from The Beach (Feb 14)

Part-Time or Two (June 5)